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The Team




April Co-founder

It all started with tea. As a child, I remember my mother making ginger tea from fresh ginger root to cure my brother of bronchitis and it worked. She's a hippie at heart, so naturally, I am too. Tea was my first introduction to homeopathy and ignited my passion for holistic living. 

As a wife and mother of two little boys, I look to things like tea to cure sickness and to incorporate as a regular part of our daily lives. One day, I started experimenting with ingredients like elderberries and came up with what is now our “Dwellness Signature” blend. I give the tea to my children, friends, and family when they're sick and everyone not only raves about the taste but also the noticeable improvement in their health.

I was encouraged by people like my now business partner and great friend Ash'leigh to sell that blend. Now, here we are today working together on what we're most passionate about; bringing people together through the power of tea!

I’m a lover of all things holistic and chic so, please say hello on my personal account as well @hippie_mama_chronicles.

Favorite Tea: Spring Blossom

Fun Fact: I’m a lipstick junkie! 



Growing up, I've always had a thing for bringing people together. I'm naturally a planner, and I love to entertain. So much so that I freelanced as an event planner for a few years. While I enjoyed those years, I knew that I was called to bring people together for something greater. With Dwell Tea Co., I get to work with my (pretty amazing) business bestie to create community over tea; something we both love. Tea is such a social thing that it only makes sense that we use it as the foundational tool to bring people together.

The way that this whole concept came together felt so natural, it's scary — kind of like how April and I met. Long story short, we went to the same middle school for two years, never even knew the other person existed until over ten years later, I found her on Instagram. Obviously, God had purpose for us, and I'm so excited about all that we're going to do to serve those around us. We genuinely care about our health and the health of those around us. We're so thankful for your support and cannot wait to change lives and impact the communities we live in and beyond.

When I'm not servin' up tea and building community, you can find me over at @a.gunnz with my hubs and two minions.

Favorite Tea: I love a great fruity iced tea or a good cup of chai.

Fun Fact: I love to go to the beach, but I don't like getting in the water.