Dwell Tea Company helps you create beautiful moments that amplify, connect, and empower.

Welcome to Dwell Tea!

Tea is more than just something to drink—it's a way to make your moments more meaningful. We're inspired by the legacy of black herbalism and want to share that inspiration with you.

Our goal is to provide quality tea and inspiration for your everyday moments so that you can feel healthier, happier and more connected than ever before.

We handcraft our teas in small batches to provide high-quality, fair trade, and organic loose-leaf teas. Each element is designed to taste great and benefit your health and the planet. By purchasing a Dwell product, you are joining our mission: To change how people enjoy tea through significant experiences, add wellness to your everyday and create connections through meaningful sips. Another core value is using recyclable materials; we work towards zero waste and avoiding plastic.

About the Owner

Tea was my first introduction to homeopathy and ignited my passion for holistic living. As a wife and mother of three, I look to things like tea to incorporate wellness as a regular part of our daily lives. So, one day, I started experimenting with ingredients like elderberries and came up with our "Dwellness Signature" blend.

When asked how it all began, the truth is that there isn't one particular moment where I knew what I wanted to do or who would be impacted by it. Instead, it's more about finding myself in moments of inspiration - through the aroma of fresh herbs boiling on the stovetop and sipping steaming cups of tea. I'm also passionate about serving people, creating a community, supporting women, and encouraging healthy living. 

Favorite Tea: Dwellness

Fun Fact: I'm a lipstick fanatic!