Sip and Learn: 7 Elements of Cohesive Branding

Sip and Learn: 7 Elements of Cohesive Branding

As we shelter-in-place during COVID-19, we decided to create a fun video series called "Sip and Learn" where we teach you tips on how we created our branding. We get so many compliments regarding our branding and to say thank you we are sharing "7 Elements to Cohesive Branding!" Stay safe, healthy and tune in next week for 2 more tips! Also, the tea I'm (April) drinking in this video is called "Me Time," a lovely lavender and chamomile blend that has calming properties.


Today's video is all about Color and imagery: 


The colors you chose are important. There are studies that show that colors actually have a deeper meaning. For example, red is a very warm color and can make us think of things that are hot, violence, love or passion. For Dwell’s colors, we used blue and aqua because blue is a calming color, it’s also friendly and refreshing. The aqua color is refreshing, cleansing and soft. We thought it complimented the darker blue very well and creative sophistication. We also use some nude pinks and neutrals as secondary colors to bring in cozy, earthy tones. 

    More resources on color:


      Your images should communicate your brand's message to your specific audience. If you are targetting children, you don't want pictures of swimsuit models. You want photos that will resonate with your audience. Every graphic element should always communicate accurately to your audience rather than merely "decorating." 

      More resources for imagery:

        More Resources: 

        Non-designers and designers can create graphics for free

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