Oh Babies! A Note About Motherhood and Owning a Business

Oh Babies! A Note About Motherhood and Owning a Business


As small business owners without employees, we weren't sure about what to do with shipping orders for Dwell as Ash'leigh and I approached our due dates this year. We both managed to get pregnant around the same time last year (haha, it wasn't planned). In July, April's family welcomed her first baby girl, Sparrow, and Ash's baby boy is due any day now.

We're both going to be pretty busy these next few months, and as a small business owners, we don't have maternity leave (yet). We value family, work-life balance, and taking time to pause. We're also stay-at-home moms and it can be tricky to prioritize your family while growing a business you're passionate about. Yet, as women founders, we hope to set a standard for our company that enables mothers to have family and a career. It's not easy, but we know we can do it with the support of our fantastic communitea! 

We want to inform our communitea that although you can still order products from our online shop, we will be pausing shipping until October. Any orders made before Friday, August 20th, will still be shipped before October. Anything after on or after August 20th will be sent when we resume later this fall.

We truly value our customers, and we couldn't do any of this without your support. So, as a "thank you" for your patience, we're giving you 10% off your entire purchase with the code "OHBABY."

Please contact us with any questions.



April and Ash

Co-founders of Dwell Tea Co.  



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