Communitea Conversations: Non-Toxic Cleaning Products with Erica of Mom.E Clean

We're so excited to introduce Episode 1 of Communitea Conversations! We loved hosting our in-person "Communitea in a Cup" events because it allowed us to meet all of you, have great conversations, and come together as a community. After the pandemic shut everything down, we've been thinking of ways to connect with all of you again. Therefore, we thought of "Communitea Conversations" is a way for us to brag about other small businesses, the boss babes who run them and chat about exciting topics. 

We're so happy to announce our first "Communitea Conversation" with Erica of @mom.e.planner / @mom.e.clean! Where we dive into the importance of non-toxic cleaning products and more!

Erica Sullivan is a wife, mom, influencer, business coach and creator of momE Clean. momE Clean was created by Erica during the 2020 Coronavirus Pandemic. When she couldn't find her normal cleaning products at her local market she decided that it was time for a change. She started her year dedicated to living a healthier and a more sustainable lifestyle. It was in her kitchen that the momE Clean products were created. 


"I'm an "ideas girl." Even if the ideas aren't for me..."






 "We always talk about what our goals are as a family. One of my family goals was to bring a healthier lifestyle." 


Erica Sullivan MomE Clean 



"The more and more research I did (on cleaning products), the more I realized that I needed to make my own."  

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