Communitea Conversations: "Parenting Through  A Pandemic"

Communitea Conversations: "Parenting Through A Pandemic"

We’ll be discussing parenting through a pandemic!! Kristian Smith, LCSW-C, is teaching us all about play therapy, how help your children work through their emotions as their worlds have been turned upside down, how to spot red flags, and when professional help may be necessary and more!


Resilient Child Therapy Institute is an evidenced-based, private practice that provides trauma-informed services to children and adolescents who have endured traumatic experiences. We also serve adults who might be experiencing difficulties related to childhood trauma and loss. We are a hybrid practice, which means that we offer in-person and video/phone (tele-therapy) sessions.

More about Kristian 

Hi, my name is Kristian Owens and I am a Clinical Social Worker with a passion for helping young people live a resilient life!

One of the things that I admire most about young people is their resilience (i.e. their ability to recover from difficulties). I’ve had the privilege to practice in various settings, including private, public, and alternative schools, inpatient facilities, community mental health agencies, and private practice. No matter the setting, I always stumbled upon the theme of resilience in my work with children, adolescents, and families. For me, this demonstrated that individuals possess the strengths to heal and grow from their life experiences.

In my practice, I aim to provide acceptance, genuineness, and warmth in my interactions with clients and their families. During sessions, I often use my extensive training in play therapy, expressive arts, and brain-body interventions to help individuals make sense of life’s challenges. As an expert in each of these therapeutic approaches, I’ve repeatedly noticed that once I accept a child for who they are as a person, they naturally process and organize their world through play and art. In order to optimize treatment success, I also value collaboration with caregivers and other professionals involved in a child’s life.

It is truly a privilege to be doing what I am most passionate about, which is helping young people realize their potential and pursue an abundant life. I consider it a valuable gift to be a witness and partner in a young person’s healing process, and I look forward to serving in this capacity with each interaction I have with a client and family.



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